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Anticorrosion primer paint ANTYKOR black 5L
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80,96 zł (brutto)
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Catalog Number czarna 5L
Producent RAFIL
Jednostka miary litr
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Opis produktu
ANTYKOR is anticorrosion alkyd paint , characterized by a short drying time, good mechanical properties, good adhesion to the substrate. Creates a flexible,  well covering coat, providing a very good adhesion next painting of layers, resistant to salt fog and other corrosive agents.

- for priming steel surfaces,
- for priming the surface of iron,
- for priming metal surfaces exposed to corrosives,
- for wood.

ANTYKOR is intended for use outdoors and indoors in buildings: living, public buildings, including hospitals and educational buildings, commercial and industrial, including the food industry without direct contact with food.

Color: black
This product was added to our catalog on 29 września 2011.
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Anticorrosion primer paint ANT
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