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Paint for painting the roof RADACH sky 10L
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368,05 zł (brutto)
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Catalog Number błękitna 10L RAL5015
Producent RAFIL
Jednostka miary KG
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Opis produktu
RADACH is a product used to cover the surface of the roof. It creates a fast-drying coat with good adhesion to the substrate, waterproof, resistant to changing atmospheric conditions, flexible and mechanically resistant.

-to the protective and decorative painting of galvanized steel surfaces,
-to the protective and decorative painting of phosphated steel surfaces,
-for painting aluminum
-for painting concrete.

RADACH is also suitable for renovation of old coatings, both on the galvanized steel sheets and coated industrial methods. It is recommended especially for painting roofs, gutters, window sills. Wide variety of colors will help to create from the old destroyed surface, modern and fresh looking roof cover.

This product was added to our catalog on 03 października 2011.
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Paint for painting the roof RA
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