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Articles protective: gloves, gowns, goggles.

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Protective articles to ensure the safety and health issues. Gloves, gowns, goggles.
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Acid-resistant gloves made ​​of nitrile rubber (pack of 12 pairs)
 Acid-resistant gloves made ​​of nitrile ...   RNIT-VEX     Cena:
39,61 zł (netto)
48,72 zł (brutto)
Protective gloves made ​​of nitrile rubber: - 100% nitrile rubber - the grasping part has a rough structure, thus gloves have gain a better grip - Cuff goes back to mid forearm, making a lot better protect your hand - More resistant to ... 
Gloves coated polyurethane (pack of 12 pairs)
 Gloves coated polyurethane (pack of 12 pairs)        Cena:
22,46 zł (netto)
27,63 zł (brutto)
Nylon Gloves, seamless, part the grasping is coated polyurethane with a free silicone. Characterized by increased resistance to abrasion and tear, they provide excellent dexterity and feel held object, have a very high flexibility and resistance to ... 
Protective gloves made ​​of cotton (pack of 12 pairs)
 Protective gloves made ​​of cotton (pack of ...      Polska  Cena:
16,13 zł (netto)
19,84 zł (brutto)
Protective gloves, white, made of 100% cotton, used in precision industries, automotive, electronics, food, jewelry, medical, optical. Used mainly as a technical gloves which protect against dirt, dust and sweat. Does not leave a small strands and ... 
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